Interview with AdSense Reselling Master: The Great King Sumit Kumar

Interview with AdSense Reselling Master : The Great Sumit Kumar
Interview with AdSense Reselling Master : The Great Sumit Kumar

The internet is drenched with Google Adsense resellers in western countries, and now India is too coming in the same list. Sumit Kumar from Patna is the new emerging Google Adsense reseller of India. Interview with AdSense Reselling Master: The Great King Sumit Kumar.

Sumit is known as “Reselling Guru” in the online marketing community. He interacts with his fans daily, so his reselling network is growing daily.

He is a smart boy from Patna, who has made his name worldwide in a short time span, and his name is growing more and more on Instagram and Facebook. Looking at his progress at a steady phase, we might see him in movies within few months. It would be a win-win case for Bollywood movie-makers, as Reselling master The Great Sumit Kumar’s fan following will make the movie super-hit just in one day.

He has also attempted various time for IAS exams, but all time due to few marks he missed the chances. Sumit’s big brother is serving nation as an Income Tax Inspector. It will be interesting to know how the village boy of Patna has made his name a brand. The great Sumit Kumar has become an inspiration for many.

Reselling Master: The Great King Sumit Kumar Interview

Digital Guruji :  Sir, Please Introduce Yourself. Where Were You Born And Raised?

The Great Sumit Kumar  Hello! I am The Great Sumit Kumar, the Adsense Reselling master. I have completed Btech from a reputed institute in Patna. I live in Patna and handle all my work from there. I am just 28 years old and, have been involved in google AdSense reselling work since 2019. In spite of this, I am also working as a Marketing Consultant for an MNC.

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Digital Guruji : How Did You Come To The Idea Of ​​Adsense Reselling?

The Great Sumit Kumar : (Smiling) The very creation of the first AdSense reselling was happened by chance. The idea of reselling AdSense was not pre-decided, but some people were in the need of urgent Adsense, so to help new persons I started this great work, and the journey began in 2019!

Although I was not a very bright student during my school period, I always believed in polishing my skills. After a lot of research, I started an initiative, which later turned out to be a big revolution for the entire internet community.

Digital Guruji : Please Tell Us About Some Special People Who Impacted Your Journey of AdSense Reselling master?

The Great Sumit Kumar : A lot of people influence our lives but there are some special ones who play a major role. My dear father wanted me to become a Gram Pradhan in my village, but I was never into it. I always followed my passion, and my family always supported me. I thanks my father for igniting a fire in me that compelled me to follow my dreams.

Digital Guruji : Please Tell Us Something About Your Income Or Expenses?

The Great Sumit Kumar : I don’t like talking about income, but Yes! I can share our expenses with you. Usually in a financial year, I somehow manages to cross the milestone of 1 crore. Well, life is not always a bed of roses.

Digital Guruji : What are your Future Plans?

The Great Sumit Kumar : Soon after few days, I am going to marry my loved one, my Jaanu. I will surely send Digital Guruji an invitation for my wedding reception. After the wedding, I will focus on touching the milestone of 10 crores.

Here Ends Interview with AdSense Reselling Master: The Great King Sumit Kumar, that will motivate you and make you realize that everything is possible if you follow your passion with a positive approach.


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