Interview with Kaushal Agarwal, Founder of Gwalior Diaries

Interview with Kaushal Agarwal, Founder of Gwalior Diaries
Interview with Kaushal Agarwal, Founder of Gwalior Diaries

Kaushal Agarwal is the founder of Gwalior Diaries. He has in the Field of Digital Marketing since the 9th class. He has a great knowledge of blogging, affiliate marketing, graphic designing, content writing, programming, web designing, etc. Owing to his hard work and effort put on by him (Kaushal) on his dream project, Gwalior Diaries is become a Number 1 Platform of Gwalior City that provides all news updates on Instagram, Facebook as well as on Whatsapp! Kaushal Agarwal is pursuing BCA from the Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior.

Kaushal Agarwal Interview

Digital Guruji: Hi kaushal!! Will you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Kaushal Agarwal : My name is Kaushal Agarwal. I’m the founder of Gwalior Diaries. Gwalior Diaries is my latest project but I have been doing many different things since the 9th class. I’ve done blogging, affiliate marketing, graphic designing, freelancing works, Instagramming, writing, programming, web designing, and many more things. I explored a lot of things in my life.

Digital Guruji: Why did you think of starting Gwalior Diaries? And what does it do?

Kaushal Agarwal : Our today’s generation is more active on social media rather than watching news on TV or reading newspapers. This generation have no idea about what is going on in their nearby or in the world. This is what makes me create Gwalior Diaries. Gwalior Diaries is now Number 1 Platform of Gwalior City that provides all news updates on Instagram, Facebook as well as on Whatsapp!

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Digital Guruji: What were the first few months like?

Kaushal Agarwal : Success won’t come overnight, but with god’s grace,i must say that I got a really good response in early days of it. People started showing us the love that I didn’t expect.

Digital Guruji: What was your journey of Gwalior Diaries which makes you 0 to hero?

Kaushal Agarwal : That’s a very good question, Well in Oct 2018, I created a page on Instagram, and in the beginning, it was available on Instagram only and it took me 2 years to connect with around 20,000 people of Gwalior City. After that, we started our service on Facebook and then on Whatsapp as well. I already gave my best to show my audience the best content. Recently Facebook Page of Gwalior Diaries has crossed 50,000+ Likes. You can Follow Gwalior Diaries on Facebook.

Digital Guruji: What are the major challenges you face at Gwalior Diaries?

Kaushal Agarwal : The major challenge I’ve ever faced is, On Feb 28th, that I received a mail from Instagram that my account has been disabled against violating T&C. There was no special indication that shows the real reason. I tried to contact Instagram through mails, messages. Sent thousands of appeals to reactive it but it didn’t get back. Then I made myself to create a new page. And I don’t know how but we’ve got all our audience back between 3 months. This is surely the magic that ever happened in my life. This is like I’ve got my account back.

Digital Guruji: What has been the proudest moment of your career at Gwalior Diaries?

Kaushal Agarwal : Gwalior Diaries was a city-based startup and now like every one of my city knows about it. In the city of 10 lakh people, If almost all people know your brand, then what could be the more proudest moment for a guy. Even my college faculties, my family, my friends know about it, not because of it’s mine, but because we provide the content which people like.

Digital Guruji: How do you define success?

Kaushal Agarwal : Success, for me, is always about making a difference in other people’ lives. If at the end of the day, my work helps people to gain knowledge about the city, about the country then I sleep well at night and wake up afresh with new vigor to take on life’s challenges. In my field, this is of utmost importance. But I won’t consider my self as a successful person yet, I think I’ve a lot of things to do which I’ve to accomplish in my life.

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Digital Guruji: Tell us something about your education.

Kaushal Agarwal : Currently, I’m pursuing BCA from Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior. Before college, I was in RKVM (CBSE) school. Learning is always been my passion and I love to learn new things (especially if it’s out of my college syllabus).

Digital Guruji: How has been the support from friends and family?

Kaushal Agarwal : Well, my family knows that I’m doing something but didn’t know exactly what? But then Gwalior Diaries started getting viral throughout the city and then now every one of my family knows that I owned it.

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Digital Guruji: Any inspiration message that you want to say to our readers?

Kaushal Agarwal : What would you write in your life story if you become successful without failure? Failure is part of success.  

Here Ends Interview with Kaushal Agarwal, founder of Gwalior Diaries.


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