Interview with CEO & FOUNDER of Nexpoop, Mayur Patidar

Mayur Patidar, CEO and FOUNDER of is Digital Entrepreneur and working on ecommerce Platform.

Interview With Mayur Patidar

Digital Guruji: Hello Mayur Patidar, Welcome to Digital Guruji Interview Festival 2018, Please tell something about yourself.

Mayur Patidar: I am Mayur Patidar, I am a Digital Entrepreneur and a tech geek. I always loves a lot to surf online and there’s where my passion of Making This platform came from. I would love to help everyone if there’s something I can do for my site guests.

Digital Guruji: What Are Your Future Plans?

Mayur Patidar:My future planning is that first of all i am looking for a wonderful team who has interest and have a thinking like me And helps me to achieve my all dreams

Digital Guruji: What are your current Projects that are on board?

Mayur Patidar: Currently i am working on E-commerce website

This was my 1 st project which i was doing with full dedication

Digital Guruji: You become quite successful at a small age, what your parents feel?

Mayur Patidar: I am not successful i am just trying to be successful . My parents don’t know about digital marketing e-commerce but i believe that one day they feel proud on me

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Digital Guruji: How your study’s going on. How much time do you give at your work? How do you divide your time between studies and work?

Mayur Patidar: Currently i am in class 12th and i don’t like study, boring lectures and writing exam.

I was managing my time in very difficult manner as you know that for digital market we need sufficient time but i am getting only 2-3 hrs for managing my all work

Digital Guruji: Please tell some success mantras to our readers?

Mayur Patidar: First you have to set your goals and make a plan for achieve your goals

Digital Guruji: Do you have any girlfriend, what type of girlfriend do you need?

Mayur Patidar: Ex:-you created a goal to earn rs 10lac in one year for this you need to make a plan that how much money you have to earn in 1 month than set that how much money you need to earn daily and start work according to this.

I need a girl who can understand me and always am with me in every situations of my life.

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Digital Guruji: Tell us something about your family, their occupation, their behavior when you stated earning digitally?

Mayur Patidar: My father was businessman he is my inspiration because he struggled a lot in his life and i am inspired by him.

My sister and my mother was my first love who always given me right suggestions.

Digital Guruji: Any incidence which you can’t forget all life?

Mayur Patidar: Recently one incidence happened with me that I got failed in Hindi exam And then my teacher treated me like that So one day i had written one thought on blue board that “don’t judge any book by its cover and don’t judge and student by his marks”.

After this teacher asked me that what you had done in your life so you are showing attitude like this then i had told about unikera and after this teacher asked me that What was the price of products for me so i had told that use discount code Hindi24 to get 24% of on your order because i got 24 marks in hindi exam

Digital Guruji: What are your life goals, your destination, your Lifestyle?

Mayur Patidar: I want achieve my all goals with the help of my own money i known simple fact that my father’s money was not my money i have to earn for my self.

I would like to live life like simple guy with happy family.

Digital Guruji: How is your experience with Digital Guruji?

Mayur Patidar: Digital gurujii is the best platform where the readers can get to know about the struggles which we have to face and it motivate us to work hard for your dreams.

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