Interview with Rohit Mir, Founder of GPLoxo

Interview with Rohit Mir, Founder of GPLoxo
Interview with Rohit Mir, Founder of GPLoxo

Rohit Mir (Mir Rohidul Islam) is the Founder of GPLoxo, he belongs to Rampurhat (West Bengal). GPLoxo provides GPL themes and plugins at the best price. Rohit Mir is just 17 years old. His area of interest is WordPress Website designing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. While he was learning site structuring he faced numerous issues identified with topics since they were expensive. So he concocted a psyche that he will give Themes and modules under a less expensive and moderate rate to strugglers.

Rohit Mir Interview

Digital Guruji : Hi!! Will you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Rohit Mir : It’s my pleasure to acquaint my self with Digital Guruji. I am Rohit Mir from Rampurhat, West Bengal. As of now I am Preparing for my 12th Boards. I am working on WordPress Website designing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Digital Guruji : How did GPLoxo come into being?

Rohit Mir : When I battled while learning WordPress site structuring. So I thought to help individuals who are keen on WordPress yet are battling. After quite a while I came to think about GPL LICENSE (GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) So I thought of beginning a GPL site so every single individual can manage. I simply kept my site GPLOXO name arbitrarily nothing uncommon for this name.

Digital Guruji : How did you come up with the name for your company?

Rohit Mir : I just got an idea of giving my site an excellent and rememberable brand name. So Randomly I kept my Brand name GPLOXO.

Digital Guruji : What does GPLOXO do?

Rohit Mir : GPLoxo provides all themes and plugins to the strugglers under cheaper and affordable prices.

Digital Guruji : What is GPLoxo’s USP, which makes it unique and different from other start-ups related to GPL Licence?

Rohit Mir : I think that my site is better than any other site because it has all the services under the cheapest price than any other site in the market. Not only theme and plugins even we provide 24X7 support. We are now 3 working Members of Our brand. We also try to provide SEO tools and graphic designing tools under cheaper rates.

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Digital Guruji : What were the first few months of gploxo like?

Rohit Mir : Well! The first few months of gploxo were too struggling but hard work brings results so finally I started getting results.

Digital Guruji : Tell us about the people who impacted your journey.

Rohit Mir : So the reason behind my success is my mentor ASHU GANDHI. He is the one who helped me from the scratch and build me up. Even now he is helping people to become successful social media marketers. My best friend helped me motivating me always. Even When I was not having a single money to buy domain and hosting. Ashu Gandhi was the one who bought me domain and hosting for a year. Still the domain and hosting to be expired and I am here with my brand.

Digital Guruji : Who was your first customer at gploxo?

Rohit Mir : My first customer at my brand was Josh Flex Williams.

Digital Guruji : What has been the proudest moment of your career at gploxo?

Rohit Mir : The proudest moment in my life was gifting Smartphones my mom and dad replacing with Keypad.

Digital Guruji : How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

Rohit Mir : The easiest way to get success in marketing is Paid marketing. Fb ads google ads are the easiest way to get your business successfully within a short period.

Digital Guruji : What were you doing before starting gploxo?

Rohit Mir : No i had no job or ventures before choosing starting gploxo. I was a class 11th student.

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Digital Guruji : Tell us something about your education and family background.

Rohit Mir : So I belong from a middle-class family. My dad owns a small tyre shop in West Bengal (Rampurhat). I am currently preparing for my CBSE Boards exams (commerce).

Digital Guruji : How has been the support from friends and family?

Rohit Mir : While I started my family didn’t support me but after I started getting the result they even support me financially right now!

Digital Guruji : Any Educational Achievements you want to share with us?

Rohit Mir : I Have always been a moderate student so i honestly i don’t have any special educational achievement.

Digital Guruji : Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Rohit Mir : Yes, to become a successful entrepreneur you must have a pattern or formula, each and every entrepreneur has a secret pattern or formula for their business success.

Digital Guruji : Any regrets till now? If yes, will you like to share it with our readers?

Rohit Mir : Never think of starting a business without capital. Starting a business without money is just stupidity nothing else.

Digital Guruji : If not the current profession, what would you have been?

Rohit Mir : I was interested in becoming software engineer since my childhood.

Digital Guruji : What keeps you going and who inspires you the most?

Rohit Mir : Hope that my family has on me helps me keep motivated for my journey.

Digital Guruji : If you were given a choice of meeting any person you want, who will be that person?

Rohit Mir : Right now I would like to meet the one and only Ajay Nagar (Carry Minati)

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Digital Guruji : What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Rohit Mir : My greatest fear is to start a new day with my business, i manage it with my love and passion for my work.

Digital Guruji : Tell us about your learning’s in this entrepreneurship journey.

Rohit Mir : The thing I have learned In my journey is that if you have money for investment then you can easily multiply it, also with risk. 

Digital Guruji : What is next for you and your team?

Rohit Mir : We are coming with something new related to social media marketing. 

Digital Guruji : Any message that you want to send to our your readers?

Rohit Mir : It’s the chance of having a fantasy worked out that makes life intriguing. Everything you could ever hope for can work out if your expectations are correct.

Here ends Interview with Rohit Mir, Founder of GPLoxo. I hope you all learned something new, and find Rohit Mir Interview Interesting, then please reply with a comment. Follow Digital Guruji on Facebook.


  1. He’s A scamer Don’t Buy from his website.. He’s selling fake product not even working and their is no support contact or any helpline to complain about that


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