Interview with Tahir Kassana

Interview with Tahir Kassana, uaarc group
Interview with Tahir Kassana

Today, Digital Guruji is with Tahir Kassana, a founding member of UAARC group, a group that is fighting against hatred and venomous posts on social media. 

Tahir Kassana Interview

Digital Guruji : Tell us something about yourself?

Tahir Kassana : I am Tahir kassana, member of UAARC group, from district Rajouri of Jammu & Kashmir.

Digital Guruji : Tell us a bit about uaarc group?

Tahir Kassana : UAARC – United Against Anti-Religious Content group is a platform to put down hatred and to spread a message of love and peace among various communities of our society. 

Digital Guruji : We come to know that uaarc group is going to launch its website soon, is it true?

Tahir Kassana : Well, This is true our website is in making. Volunteers from various states are also helping us in their making. Very soon it’ll be open for all to access it.

Digital Guruji : Earlier, Saleem Choudhary founder of uaarc group in an interview with us told us that he spends 18 hours a day with uaarc group work on social media, what about you?

Tahir Kassana : Yes this is true…!!! Saleem Choudhary works a lot, some days it’s even more than 18 hrs. As far as my schedule is concerned I try my level best to give at least 8hrs a day.

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Digital Guruji : How did you manage your time for United Against Anti-Religious Content group and studies?

Tahir Kassana : To be very honest there is a tug of war between the managing group and the studies however I try my best to save at least 4 hrs a day for studies. 

Digital Guruji : Tell us about one person from whom you got motivations in life?

Tahir Kassana : Well there’s no one in particular but there are many who are my source of inspiration.

Digital Guruji : What is the progress of United Against Anti-Religious Content group now, how many members are there in uaarc group?

Tahir Kassana : As of now United Against Anti-Religious Content group are a family of 22 thousand members. So far we have achieved a lot of accomplishments whether it may be removing Facebook profiles, pages, groups, Instagram, or twitter accounts. Apart from this we have also successfully removed youtube videos. 

Digital Guruji : And how many Account’s got Suspended till date?

Tahir Kassana : Near about 233+ Account’s and 200+ posts got Suspended for spreading hatred and venom against religions on social media.

Digital Guruji : Does your family supports you in this work?

Tahir Kassana : Frankly speaking for the work they are very supportive but they are also very much concerned about the plenty of time I spend online daily.

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Digital Guruji : How do you came in contact with saleem Choudhary and how are your bondings?

Tahir Kassana :  Actually we were Facebook friends for a long time and many times I noticed Saleem too concerned with the hatred spreading online as like me. So we collectively came with this idea to tackle it by bringing like-minded people on a common platform like the Fb group.

Here Ends Interview with Tahir Kassana, founding member of uaarc group. Get in Touch with Digital Guruji on Instagram for more updates.


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