Meet Shailendra Yadav : Youngest Google Ads Expert In India

Meet Shailendra Yadav: Youngest self-made millionaire in India, Shailendra Yadav is a young, visionary, energetic, and dynamic blogger, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. He has actively engaged in collaboration with more than 1000 businesses and Brands for the engrossment of their virtual promotion on Digital Media. Our Nation truly needs budding young entrepreneurs like Shailendra Yadav to move forward in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Shailendra is the Founder and CEO of the pioneer digital marketing agency – LeadsNut. He has completed a diploma in Information Technology-Enabled Services and Management from Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Shakarpur, Delhi. He pursued his basic primary education from one of the Government schools in Delhi and after completing his diploma in 2018 he did a data entry job in Evelyn learning system Pvt ltd. and then he joined a digital marketing company.

During the pandemic, most of the people had lost their jobs and Shailendra was also one of them so he decided to come back to his village due to the survival challenges because survival was not easy at that time.

Shailendra belongs to a rural area of Bihar, so it was too difficult for him to pursue his dream to be an entrepreneur due to the low connectivity of the internet in his area. Mr. Yadav had faced lots of challenges to achieve the position where he is now at the young age of 22.

He hails from a common family that had no clue about digital media, but with his dedication and passion for his profession, he can make a huge positive impact in the lives of underprivileged people through the Internet.

Since childhood, he is passionate about success, and always believes in putting off all his efforts to be successful – and he did! Without looking toward various setbacks in his startup journey, getting bulled by so-called Marketing Experts for his knowledge and lack of experience, he always moved forward.

Apart from his job, Shailendra wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he has no idea how to become a successful entrepreneur, he started juggling his ideas and tried to figure out all the things that can make Shailendra a successful entrepreneur but his entrepreneur journey was not that much easy for him, he failed many times.

Now due to his positive attitude, he became what he is today! Shailendra resolved all the problems effectively, even after getting broken out financially. Due to his creative approach and out-of-box ideas, he has generated thousands of leads for various clients overseas through Google and Facebook ads.

Through his company LeadsNut, Shailendra has enriched many students and helped them learn various aspects of different ad strategies on various Online platforms including Google and Facebook.

In the true sense, Shailendra Yadav has put up benchmarks for the young generation and has proved that if we do smart work with a positive attitude, there are more chances of reaching the milestone easily and early before the set date.

Due to his significant achievements in digital media, he has been appreciated by all his clients. Shailendra is now helping small artists and businesses to grow their brand presence in the virtual world and grow their revenue smartly.


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