Interview with founder of Justkwik E-Services Private Limited : Ayesha

Justkwik E-Services Private Limited
Justkwik E-Services Private Limited

Justkwik is a popular trading platform that empowers its users by providing them with the best prices for gift cards, coupon codes, and various online services. Justkwik Users can utilize this platform for both buying and selling purposes. To initiate a purchase in this trading platform, the buyer must add funds to their Justkwik wallet, thereby initiating the transaction process.

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Justkwik E-Services Private Limited

Digital Guruji: Can you share with us the journey behind JustKwik, from its original inception to its current form under your leadership? What inspired you to reinvent this platform and what were the key changes you implemented?

Ayesha: The story of JustKwik is one of innovation and rebirth. Initially, the idea came to me when I observed a clear need for a trustworthy and secure transaction platform in the online marketplace. However, JustKwik’s journey truly began with its revival. My co-director and I discovered JustKwik as a startup with great potential that unfortunately had not flourished and ceased operations in 2018. We were motivated by the vision of transforming it into a leading escrow service provider. Our acquisition was driven by the desire to fill the trust gap in online transactions. We meticulously revamped the existing model, focusing on enhancing security, user experience, and service efficiency. Significant changes were implemented to ensure a robust, user-friendly, and reliable platform. Our collaborative efforts as directors were aimed not just at reviving a brand but at setting new standards in the escrow service industry. By combining our initial vision with the lessons learned from JustKwik’s past, we have created a platform that we believe is indispensable for safe and secure online transactions.

Digital Guruji: Can you tell us about your educational and professional journey leading up to your decision to start your own business? What inspired you to create a solution for safer digital transactions in the face of growing cybercrime and trust issues in India’s digital marketplace?

Ayesha: I hold a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi and have gained extensive experience working with top IT brands. Over time, I realized my potential to lead and innovate, which led me to the entrepreneurial path. In India, the digital payments landscape is rapidly growing, but this growth is paralleled by increasing trust issues and a rise in cybercrimes. I observed that many transactions on social media platforms are conducted in an unorganized manner, often starting with trust but eventually leading to frauds by either buyers or sellers. This prevalent issue sparked my interest in developing a solution for safer dealings. My focus has been on creating a platform that enables secure and trustworthy transactions, addressing the significant need for safety in digital marketplaces.

Digital Guruji: When did you acquire JustKwik, and what were your initial steps in transforming it into the platform it is today?

Ayesha: We acquired JustKwik last year, recognizing its potential to be a game-changer in the digital transaction space. Immediately after the acquisition, we began diligently working on enhancing its capabilities. Our focus was to make JustKwik not just a transaction platform, but a powerful and secure solution for digital dealings. We incorporated advanced security measures, improved user interfaces, and streamlined processes to ensure that JustKwik stands out as a reliable and efficient escrow service provider in today’s market.

Digital Guruji: Do you currently offer a mobile app for JustKwik, or are there plans to develop one in the future?

Ayesha: At present, JustKwik operates primarily as a web-based platform. Our strategy is to first gauge user feedback and acceptance on this platform before branching out into mobile app development. We believe in tailoring our services based on actual user experiences and needs. Therefore, once we have a clear understanding of our users’ preferences and requirements, we will venture into creating a mobile application that aligns with those insights, thereby ensuring a more user-centric and efficient experience for our customers.

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Digital Guruji: Do JustKwik’s services involve any fees for buyers and sellers?

Ayesha: Understanding the importance of accessibility and ease for our users, we have decided not to charge any fees to buyers and sellers at this stage. As this is our first venture, our primary focus is on building trust and a strong user base, rather than on immediate revenue generation. We believe that by removing any financial burden in the form of fees or transaction charges, we can encourage more users to experience the benefits of JustKwik without any hesitation. This approach is part of our commitment to providing a user-friendly and inclusive service.

Digital Guruji: “What are the key incentives for users to sign up and start using JustKwik’s platform?”

Ayesha: “One of the main incentives for users to join JustKwik is our ‘Refer and Earn’ program, which rewards users for bringing new members to our platform. This not only enhances our community but also encourages existing users to share the benefits of JustKwik with others. Additionally, our platform serves as a neutral and secure intermediary for online transactions, especially useful in scenarios where two parties meet on another platform and are hesitant to proceed with payment or service delivery first. JustKwik steps in at this critical juncture to facilitate a smooth, secure transaction, ensuring that neither party needs to take the risk of going first. This trust-building feature is a significant draw for new users who are looking for a safer way to conduct their online dealings.”

Digital Guruji: “Have you had any venture capitalists invest in JustKwik?”

Ayesha: “As of now, we haven’t secured any venture capital investments. However, we are currently in discussions with one of India’s leading venture capital firms, which has a track record of investing in top financial giants in the country. We are in the early stages of our first round of talks with them, and we are optimistic about the potential partnership.

Digital Guruji: As we come to the end of our insightful conversation, do you have any final thoughts or messages you would like to share with our audience?

Ayesha: “To our esteemed interview audience, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your interest and engagement. At JustKwik, we are not just building a platform; we are nurturing a community where trust, security, and user satisfaction are paramount. We understand the challenges and apprehensions that come with online transactions, and we are dedicated to mitigating these through our services. I encourage each one of you to explore JustKwik and experience the difference it can make in your online dealings. Remember, your safety and confidence in digital transactions are at the heart of what we do. Together, let’s pave the way for a more secure and trustworthy online marketplace. Thank you for your support and trust in JustKwik.”

Here Ends Interview with Ayesha, founder of Justkwik E-Services Private Limited.


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