10 Awesome Apple Blogs: The Perfect Mix For Geeks

10 Awesome Apple Blogs: The Perfect Mix For Geeks
10 Awesome Apple Blogs: The Perfect Mix For Geeks

Apple products are some of the most innovative and useful devices that have been created in recent years. If you’re an Apple fan, then there is a good chance that you enjoy reading blogs about the latest Apple news. 10 Awesome Apple Blogs For Geeks will tell you all about 10 awesome websites to read if your passion is anything related to this amazing company!


MacInsider is one of the leading technology news sites on the Internet. It’s dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date information about developments within Apple, new technologies, and even rumors related to future releases from this company. The website also covers a wide range of topics such as social media,


Engadget is a highly popular blog that focuses on providing its readers with reviews and news about technology. It offers both original contents as well as articles from other websites related to this industry, including all the most important ones such as Wired or TechCrunch.


MyAppleGuide is one of the most reliable resources for all your news and reviews about Apple products, software updates as well as rumors related to future releases from this company. The website also has a very interesting section that offers readers suggestions of apps and software reviews. It is being run by Vashishtha and is now generating some quality stuff for apple users.

The Cult of Mac

The Cult of Mac is another popular website that you can read in order to get news and updates about everything related to Apple. The site also has a very large community, which means that it’s a great place where its readers can socialize and share their thoughts on anything related to this company.

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MacRumours is one of the leading websites on technology news. It’s also an Apple blog that focuses on providing its readers with up-to-date information about products, software updates as well as rumors related to future releases from this company. Furthermore, MacRumors has a very popular forum as well for Apple users.

World Of Apple

World Of Apple is a popular blog that focuses on 10 Awesome Apple Blogs For Geeks. It provides its readers with useful information about new products, software updates as well as rumors related to future releases from this company. 


If you are looking for tips from experts on Apple products, then Macworld is a one-stop solution. The blog contains reviews on iPhone, macOS, Mac antivirus, iOS, iPad, and more. 

Passionate Apple users can take a lot from Macworld in terms of buying tips and advice. The reviews are clear & concise. All the reviews are analyzed to perfection. 

Not just Apple products, but Macworld also covers information regarding third-party apps & accessories. 


9to5 is a WordPress blog powered by WordPress.com that covers the latest news & reviews on Apple products. Not just one, but 9to5mac has a family of websites. 

The family includes 9to5mac Apple Intelligence, 9to5mac Google, 9to5 Toys, electrek, DroneDJ, and Space Explored. Companies can reach out to them for long-form articles and sponsored posts. 

At 9to5, you find banner ads, instead, the website uses AdSense ads to make money. You can find affiliate links used as a revenue-generating process especially software and Amazon products. 

The site was founded in 2007 and is owned by Seth Weintraub. All the sites are managed under 925, LLC company. 

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TechCrunch is one of the biggest tech blogs and Yahoo reserves all the rights to it. At TechCrunch+, you can learn market analysis, growth, events, investor surveys, fundraising, and work.

The team behind TechCrunch could be considered as a whale. There are editorial and events staff with different roles to manage everything on the website. Then there’s video, administration, Sales, growth, and product staff. 


GeekWire was founded in 2011 and covers the top-most companies in the world. John Cook and Todd Bishop are the co-founders of Geekwire. 

The website investor includes Jonathan Sposato who is the company chairman. 

This leading technology site has a loyal reader fan following who are eager to get insights into the tech industry. 

Not just the website where people connect virtually, but Geekwire organizes physical live events. This helps people to connect closely and do business with fun.

By becoming a Geekwire member, you get VIP access to such events and save money with special discounted rates. 

Why Look Out for The Awesome Apple Blogs?

  • You are new to Apple products and have no idea how to use it.
  • You are an Apple user and want to gain insights into what’s trending.
  • Learn how to use Apple products by looking at the tutorials.
  • Connect with other Apple users and get answers quickly.


The list of 10 awesome Apple Blogs considered in this post is hand-picked because of their promised content. 

These blogs or websites have a big fan following due to the important Apple resources. For any kind of information on Apple products, you can always read the latest posts and learn new things.

So how was the Apple blogs list?

Share your thoughts on the same and take an Apple bite if you haven’t till now.


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