Interview with International Rap Artist Rahul Kashyap ‘Insorhym’ – Founder of IRA Records

Interview with International Rap Artist Rahul Kashyap 'Insorhym' - Founder of IRA Records
Interview with International Rap Artist Rahul Kashyap 'Insorhym' - Founder of IRA Records

HipHop and Rap Scene is a new lifestyle today so now new Rap artists are coming over the surface with their hard skills and experience. Interview with International Rap Artist Rahul Kashyap ‘Insorhym’ – Founder of IRA Records.

Here we are with one of them today. International Rapper and Producer Rahul Kashyap AKA Insorhym Owner of IRA Records. In Meerut Shares experiences of his journey in Rap and HipHop Music Industry. He is now running his own Recording label with his Music Buddy Ekatra. In Meerut City and both talented musicians are well known in Rap and HipHop Scene now.

Rahul Kashyap is one of the hard-skilled Rapper and producers in the Indian Desi HipHop Scene. Since 2013 he is well active whether he is directly or indirectly involved in the local rap scene or in other cities as well. To maintain his performance and skills he believes in putting his mind on paper whenever he feels the rush in his head. He never tried to force himself for writing down the bars. He also regularly shares photos of working inside his studio on social media accounts.

In the last few years, he went through a really tough time. He lost his father and before 2020 his father was in hospital fighting with several infections because he is the only son of his late Father now he is living with lots of responsibilities. After a long period of heavy depression and hard times now he started growing because now he only wants to make his late father proud. And finally, he has increasing fame worldwide. And now he wants to make underground controlling mainstream.

According to Rahul Music industry is dying, the real music and real talent are breathing heavily in the corner somewhere in the darkness. Rahul told us that he is a huge fan of Kishore Da and Lata Didi, Pancham Da is one of the favorite Musicians. He is most active in western music but He says that everything is based on Indian Classical and you can’t go on without Indian classical music.

A few years back he made a track with a Dutch rapper SinisterC and he also been featured on Canadian HipHop Radio. And he has some more international collaboration offers and he is working on some silently. Now he needs no introduction and successfully running his Record Label IRA Records.

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym Personal Information

Full Birth NameRahul Kashyap
Nick nameInsorhym
HometownMeerut, India
Current ResidenceMeerut, India
Famous For1. Founder of IRA Records.
2. International Rapper.
3. Youngest Entrepreneur.
Marital StatusSingle
Highest QualificationDiploma in M.E.
SchoolK.S Saket Public School
HobbiesWriting, Traveling
Dream Holiday DestinationSantorini, Greece
Favorite ColorBlack
Favorite CelebritiesEminem and Royce’da 5’9
InsStar Sign (Zodiac Sign)Virgo
FacebookProfile Link

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym Interview

Digital Guruji : Tell us a bit about yourself.

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : My name is Rahul Kashyap AKA Insorhym and I am from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. I grew up in a middle-class family and my father was a hard-working person. 

Digital Guruji : How did this all begin?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I was doing my polytechnic in 2013 was in the 2nd year I used to go to college from auto rickshaw and in middle of my way to college I started observing street life and started listening to rap music especially of Eminem and Royce da 5’9. Then I started making beats at home on my cellphone. Then  I collaborated with a Dutch rapper from England (SinisterC) track named Identity Crisis And now after 8 years of struggle and hard work I have my own studio (IRA Records) in Meerut. 

Digital Guruji : How was IRA Records founded?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I was searching for a stage name that can reflect my mindset and my reality so I stopped at INSORHYM which means INdian SOul RHYMer.

How I found IRA Records? Actually, I was with my friend going somewhere and we were discussing our duo. Suddenly I suggested a name (Indian Rap Assault) and now it’s my Identity. And then Me (Insorhym) my cousin My few brotherhood friends from different corners of our country dropped our first cypher. Then I formed IRA Records, in August 2016.

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Founder of IRA Records – Rahul Kashyap Insorhym

Digital Guruji : May I know, How did the idea for your business come about?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Actually I never started this journey as a businessman. I discussed to my late Father Mr. Ramesh Chand about my passion (hip-hop) music. He was not so interested at first but then he started showing positive signs and he bought me my first music gear my Arturia’s MINILAB my first MIDI then I started adding gears with the help of my late Father.

Digital Guruji : What does IRA Records do?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : IRA Records. This name is everything for me now this name represents me and my Identity. And yeah Brand Name actually makes your presence and strengthens your reach between the crowd and the whole world.

Digital Guruji : What were the challenges that you faced initially and how did you overcome it?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : The Very first challenge was to convince my papa of my future plan and my passion for this art. And then funds and investment strategy. But then I started making moves in rap games on an international level and got featured on Canadian hip-hop radio. After that papa started supporting me totally.

Indeed we can’t forget the real motive behind rap and storytelling culture. We live for this art and hip-hop is all about the reality and struggle of any person who can relate his journey with our lyrics.

Digital Guruji : Tell us about the people who impacted your journey.

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : My papa was my close friend. Rachit Saini AKA Sir Ji my classmate since 6th standard. Sarang my brotherhood friend Harry Verma AKA EKATRA A really talented person who knows how to control the surface. And last but not least me and myself. But can’t forget the Oldschool hip-hop artists too. And specially EMINEM.

Digital Guruji :  What were you doing before choosing this field?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I worked in Airtel broadband and also in a government bank but Music is more than a job for me it’s more like a responsibility. So I left my job and now I am doing what I always wanted to do.

Digital Guruji :   What are your biggest achievements and falls in your journey?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : My international Collaboration SinisterC And The first-ever shout-out I got from a Canadian HipHop Radio. Getting noticed by the father of hip-hop DJ COOL HERC, followed by few rap legends like MC ren of NWA.

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Digital Guruji : Tell us something about your education & family background.

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I am a mechanical engineer by fault. I am from a middle-class family raised by a hard-working father. Lost my maa and papa both. Only my papa and my friends supported me on my journey. No one ever showed me a single point of interest till now.

Digital Guruji : If you had a magic stick, which are the two things you would change in the world?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Nothing. Let this nature do the things we are getting what we deserve I got no right to interfere in god’s things.

Digital Guruji : If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently? 

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I love bikes, so may be working as a mechanic in Yamaha India. 

Digital Guruji : What inspires you?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Struggle and Hate. And few legends like Eminem, Nicola Tesla, Kishore Kumar, Lata Ji.

Passion is not about money or fame… It’s the happiness you live even when nothing is in your favor.

Digital Guruji :  Tell us how a day in your life looks like?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I use to wake up at 7’o clock in the morning then I go for a glass of warm water and then a cup of tea. Breakfast timings around 9 am then hit the studio used to go to a local place for hangout and chill in the middle of the day. Then again in the studio till 9 pm but sometimes I love to work late nights in the studio.

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Digital Guruji :  What is the biggest misconception that you think people have about you?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Everything they think about me is totally wrong. I do have ego issues I do have attitude issues but I know how to give respect to a deserving person. I am not a rude person at all.

Digital Guruji :  What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Fear – we all have different fears in our head and I don’t have such fears in a constant manner… my fears are spontaneous not like living in my head rent-free. My father was not well since 2018 and that was the fear I was living with. He passed away and now I don’t have that fear I have an emptiness now. And I am fighting with depression so let me be a fighter before a  coward kind of guy.

Digital Guruji : Tell us about your learning’s in this entrepreneurship journey.

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : I am a self-made artist and I learned everything by myself and taking help from some overseas musicians. Rest you can experience when you come and meet me in my studio IRA Records, Meerut.

Digital Guruji :  How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Market? 

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : We just need to be updated with the trending music and the new artists, and the upgrades of our music culture. And the Internet is the most relevant source of knowledge these days.

Digital Guruji :  If you were to write a book about yourself, how would you name it?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : A Harmony with Distortion

Digital Guruji :  What next?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Nothing big… Just to be in the game till the rest of my life.

Digital Guruji :  What advice would you like to give our young readers?

Rahul Kashyap Insorhym : Never underestimate your instincts and never give up on your dreams.

Here Ends Interview with International Rap Artist Rahul Kashyap ‘Insorhym’ – Founder of IRA Records.


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