Rakim Chatterjee: An Entrepreneur creating a legacy for others

Rakim Chatterjee An Entrepreneur creating a legacy for others
Rakim Chatterjee An Entrepreneur creating a legacy for others

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label. It’s a lifestyle that people choose to build the life of their dreams and bring revolutionary changes in society. One of the country’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, Kolkata’s striking young lad, Raktim Chatterjee, is making waves with his success story. His easy flamboyance and hard work have earned him a place amongst one of the bests in the field. With sheer difficult work and diligence, he has progressed significantly. He is a motivation and a good example for each youthful person who wants to make it big in life. 

After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, Raktim worked as a research associate at the IIMT. The Nexuse Group today deals in various sectors which include real estate, investment banking, sciences, etc. He believes that hard work and dedication is the key to his success.

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The Nexuse Group embarked on its journey in the year 2006 when the company became among the first India-US venture funds started by successful Entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and consumer internet; pioneering investing in global technology products and technology-led businesses in India. After setting up a real estate venture, in 2008 Nexus Group of Capital for venture funding was formed. Nexuse Bussiness Solutions was formed in 2011 for investments and 2019 witnessed the emergence of the  Nexgen Venture for the entertainment and feature film segment.  Finally, the formation of BokaBaksho, which is an OTT platform, is something remarkable.  Soon he is going to be seen as a producer as “Jotugriho”, a feature film that will release soon. 

Chatterjee has emerged as a classic example of a man who struggled hard and went on to achieve all his desires as an entrepreneur.  His dream to make Nexuse Group achieve a global perspective has become true today as the Group is working today as a single team to help companies scale new heights and adopt best practices. 


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