Interview with Rajesh Gupta, Founder of Rangmanch Tales

Interview with Rajesh Gupta, Founder of Digital Rangmanch Tales
Interview with Rajesh Gupta, Founder of Digital Rangmanch Tales

Rajesh Gupta is the Founder of Rangmanch Tales. He is known as the Serial Entrepreneur Who Turned the Flow Of Life To Be Successful!

This world is full of unlimited possibilities, and with that, we may have many options to choose from in our life. However, when it comes to following your love and passion, then nothing can stop you from achieving the great heights of success. Rajesh Gupta, a 23-year boy who started his childhood with a single dream of becoming a Businessman, is now living many dreams simultaneously.

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The Birth of a Prodigy

In 1997, a boy with immense talent took birth on 18th December in a humble middle-class family of Jamui, Bihar. He completed his schooling from NR Govt High School, Seraikella. Currently, he is pursuing BCA from Pataliputra University, Patna.

In his growing years, he always found the love and support of his family with him. This helped him to flourish as a really strong person with the belief of fulfilling his dreams.

Hard work Personified

The best part of the success is that it does not depend on any single profession and only demands hard work and dedication. The same principle was followed by Rajesh Gupta when he started Social Media Marketing after his 12th to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a Businessman.


Life will never be perfect, and it will be wrong to try making it perfect. Rajesh Gupta knew that it would be of no use to sit and think about the troubles. He went with the flow of his life and believed in the power of hard work, dedication, and an optimistic approach.

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Rajesh Gupta Interview

Digital Guruji : Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did you grow up? 

Rajesh Gupta : My name is Rajesh Gupta, I am the founder of Rangmanch Tales. Also, I’m an expert social media marketer, I belong from Jamui district of Bihar.

Digital Guruji : How do you define success?

Rajesh gupta : For me, success means working hard and diligently and achieving fame in work is success.

Digital Guruji : What were you doing before starting Rangmanch Tales?

Rajesh gupta : I was learning Android development before starting Rangmanch Tales. 

Digital Guruji : Tell us something about your education & family background.

Rajesh Gupta : I am a resident of Dhwa village in Jamui district of Bihar. I have five people in my family, my brother, my sister, and my parents. Currently, I am pursuing BCA, from Pataliputra University.

Digital Guruji : How has been the support from friends and family?

Rajesh Gupta : No one had supported me earlier. Now the family has started supporting a little bit. 

Digital Guruji : What keeps you going and who inspires you the most?

Rajesh Gupta : I am very much inspired by Facebook‘s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And this quote of Mark Zuckerberg inspires me a lot. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Here Ends Interview with Rajesh Gupta, Founder of Rangmanch Tales.



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