Interview with Manpreet Singh Markanda- Owner Bulleh Shah Institute

Interview with Manpreet Singh Markanda - owner Bulleh Shah Institute
Interview with Manpreet Singh Markanda - owner Bulleh Shah Institute

Mr. Manpreet Singh Markanda is the owner of Bulleh Shah Institute. A well renowed advocate by profession, a motivational speaker & business trainer. 

Interview with Manpreet Singh Markanda- Owner Bulleh Shah Institute

Digital Guruji: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Manpreet Singh Markanda : My self Manpreet Singh Markanda, Owner & Managing Director Bulleh Shah Institute, Owner & Managing Director The Visa Line, Owner & Director Bulleh Shah Business Services Private Limited, Badhni Kalan, Distt. Moga Punjab , India, PIN- 142037 . By professional am a advocate & my qualification is B.A. ,L.L.B.. I Am a motivational speaker and business trainer also . 

I was born in the lovely house of my father Amarjeet Singh Markanda and mother Pal Rani at my village home Buttar Kalan , Tehsil & Distt. Moga , Punjab , India PIN -142040. I have two kids , Elder Son Vardann Markanda & Daughter Palak Sharma .

Digital Guruji:  How you started your business and make it profitable? 

Manpreet Singh Markanda : In 2003, I started Bulleh Shah institute started with the name Bulleh Shah Computers & Information Technology, which has converted into Bulleh Shah Institute in 2015 later as well as has become member of INA ( International Nanny Association) USA , and TM (Trade Mark) on national level .

Bulleh Shah Institute provides Computer Education , English Speaking Course , IELTS Air Hostesses Course & many other courses. Students who have read from this institute are well settled in different countries like CANADA, AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and so on.

Digital Guruji: What Are Your Future Plans?

Manpreet Singh Markanda : As a education provider , we are going to launch our many online educational services, we are going to provide educational pen drives for students at lowest price. 

As a motivational speaker we are arranged free seminars and camps for boys and girls who want to success in their life. We are starting free business training for those business owners and business women’s who face problems in their business. 

Digital Guruji:  what kind of situations you faced in early phase of your life, during startup? 

Manpreet Singh Markanda : During startup of my business I faced many problems, because am first person in my family that choose this line means choose business. Because my father, is a farmer and we have our own agricultural land. That time! my family don’t know what’s business and how can be a successful person in this field ? Am a single son of my parents.

So my family don’t want that am do any hard work or do any work that give me a big headache. But business is my passion, I want to be a successful businessman, so I started hard working in my. business and its a great god gift to me, to day am a successful businessman and name of my company “Bulleh Shah Institute” is a famous education provider company. 

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Digital Guruji: Any remarkable incident you’ll remember all your life?

Manpreet Singh Markanda : I think ! Life never give you any bad incidence. Life give you only happiness moments, if you enjoy it. On my startup, I faced some incidents but that incidence not able to memorable incidence so have no bad incidence. 

Digital Guruji: We would like you to share your success mantra with our readers.

Manpreet Singh Markanda : Yeah off-course! My parents and my guru ji Pandit Kalap Vasudev ji give me many success mantras for my success rate. Some success rules I shared here. 

If you want be a successful person in your life never tell lie and always believe in your god, always believe on your working , on your passion also. Make sure that you never be a dishonest person about your self. Your honesty and your education is a successful weapon in your life. Remind always that you never forget that your god is a great power and you are best person of your god’s blessings. 

Digital Guruji: what’s your daily routine? 

Manpreet Singh Markanda : Its just normal : I wake up early in the morning , after that I done my daily activities and give some time to my god for meditation. Take my breakfast and go to my office for work, work and work. After that approximately 7 o` clock I come back to my home from my office. Spend some time with my mother and my kids. Take dinner and go to bed approximately 10 pm. 

Digital Guruji: How you see life of a common Man in Indian economy ? 

Manpreet Singh Markanda : Life of common man in Indian economy is always hard and difficult. There are many reasons . A common man not working honestly with the government & government not also working honestly with the common man. Some times if both parties doing working honestly then common man be happy. Here is a big problem of taxes and facilities. Common man cannot pay tax properly to government and government also cannot give good facilities to a common man. A common man cannot feel secure in our country. 

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I have a great experience with Digital GuruJi

All the best to all ……. 

Manpreet Singh Markanda

Managing Director (Bulleh Shah Institute)

E-mail: [email protected] 



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